23-26 October 2017, International Berkeley Conference: Berkeley’s Philosophy after the Principles and the Three Dialogues, Institute of Philosophy, NCU, Toruń, Poland

Berkeley’s Philosophy after the Principles and the Three Dialogues

Institute of Philosophy, NCU, Toruń, Poland, 23–26 October 2017

Venue: The Petite Fleur Hotel (conference room)


Monday, October 23

09:00     Registration

09:30     Opening of the Conference. Chair: Bertil Belfrage

Development in Berkeley

Chair: Stephen Daniel

09:45     Bertil Belfrage (Lund University), “The Unknown Berkeley: Consequences of a Biased Edition”

10:30     Dariusz Kucharski (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University), “Spirit of Nature and Metaphysics of Light. Some sources for Siris

11:15     Coffee break

11:30     Adam Grzeliński (Nicolaus Copernicus University), “The irrelevance of the immaterialist thesis in Berkeley’s Siris

12:15     Lunch



Chair: Dariusz Kucharski

14:30     Richard Brook (Bloomsburg University), “Berkeley, Newton, Explanation and Causality”

15:15     Coffee break

15:45     Ville Paukkonen (Boğaziçi University), “Berkeley’s theory of agent causation: finite and infinite agents and the question of necessary connections”

17:30     Wine reception (Institute of Philosophy Reading Room)


Tuesday, October 24


The Unity of Berkeley’s Philosophy


Chair: Silvia Parigi

10:00     David Bartha (Central European University), “Laws of nature and the divine will in the Siris

10:45     Peter West (Trinity College Dublin), “Anti-Abstractionism and Berkeley’s Theory of Meaning in Alciphron 7”

11:30     Coffee break

11:45     Takaharu Oda (Tartu University), “Berkeley’s Metaphysics of Causality in De Motu

12:30     Lunch


15:00     Sightseeing tour


Wednesday, October 25

Berkeley in Context


Chair: Tom Stoneham

10:00     Stephen Daniel (Texas A&M University), “Berkeley on Descartes and Locke after 1720”

10:45     Kenneth L. Pearce (Trinity College Dublin), “The Monster of Malmesbury and the Bishop of Cloyne: Hobbist Origins of Berkeley’s Theory of Meaning and Inference”

11:30     Coffee break

11:45     Silvia Parigi (Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici), “Berkeley’s Christian Enlightenment”

12:30     Lunch


Social and Political Philosophy


Chair: Richard Brook

15:00     Pawel Hanczewski (Nicolaus Copernicus University), “George Berkeley: Forging the Irish Nation”

15:45     Coffee break

16:15     Tom Stoneham (University of York), “Deliverance from Error: Berkeley on education and moral improvement”

17.45     Wine reception (Institute of Philosophy Reading Room)



Thursday, October 26


Berkeley’s Neglected Works in Focus


Chair: Kenneth Pearce

10:00     Artem Besedin (Moscow State University), “Berkeley on Free Will and Accountability in Alciphron VII”

10:45     John Blechl (University of York), “The ‘Minor Publications Hypothesis’”

11.30     Coffee break

11:45     Manuel Fasko (University of Zurich), “Berkeley’s Cajetan or Alciphron IV § 21 revisited”

12:30     Lunch


18:00     Farewell dinner