13 – 16 June 2018, International Berkeley Conference: Berkeley In Context, Redwood Library and Athenæum, Newport, RI


Berkeley in Context

Redwood Library, Newport, Rhode Island, USA June 13 – 16 2018

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Wednesday June 13 

09:00 Registration

09:30 Opening of the Conference: Chair: Bertil Belfrage

Welcome to Newport: Nancy Kendrick


Morning Session

Chair: Stephen Daniel

09:45 Bertil Belfrage, “Berkeley’s Analysis of ‘The Nominal Essence of the Soul'”

10:30 Adam Grzeliński, “The Conception of Knowledge in the Notebooks: Berkeley’s References to the Fourth Book of Locke’s Essay

11:15 Coffee break

11:30 Artem Besedin, “What is the Manuscript Introduction an Introduction to?”

12:15 Lunch


Afternoon Session 

Chair: Martha Brandt Bolton

14:00 Nancy Kendrick, “Berkeley and Astell on Passive Obedience and Locke’s Social Contract”

14:45 Marta Syzmańska-Lewoszewska, “Berkeley’s Early Concept of Toleration in the Irish Context”

15:30 Coffee break

15:45 Daniel Carey, “Swift, Berkeley and Irish Currency”

16:30 Manuel Fasko, “The Hostile Bishops? Reassessing the Relationship between the Bishops of Cloyne and Cork”

17:15 Wine and cheese reception (Redwood Library)


Thursday June 14 

Morning Session 

Chair: Melissa Franke

09:00 Jennifer Marušić, “Moral Motivation in Alciphron III and Berkeley’s Contemporaries”

09:45 Pascal Taranto, “Berkeley and Browne on Divine Analogy”

10:30 Coffee break

10:45 Marc Hight, “Moving  Our Legs Ourselves: How Berkeley Does Not Differ From Malebranche”

11:30 Lunch


Afternoon Session 

Chair: Pascal Taranto

13:30 Luc Peterschmitt, “How did Berkeley read Newton?”

14:15 A. David Kline, “Berkeley, Newtonian Forces and Underdetermination of Theory by Data”

15:00 Coffee break

15:15 Ofra Shefi, “Berkeley’s Will: Power vs. Forces in Newton, Berkeley and Hume”

16:00 Scott Harkema, “Berkeley on the Newtonian Concept of Matter”

17:00 Catered reception (Norman Bird Sanctuary)


Friday June 15 

Morning Session 

Chair: Georges Dicker

09:00 Stephen H. Daniel, “The Role of the Mind in Determining Berkeley’s Un-Lockean Characterization of Ideas”

09:45 Patrick Connolly, “Locke, Berkeley, and the Nature of Ideas”

10:30 Coffee break

10:45 Martha Brandt Bolton, “Berkeley and Shepherd on Sensible Objects”

11:30 Lunch


Afternoon Session 

Chair: Adam Grzeliński

13:30 Keota Fields, “Berkeley and Shepherd on Visual Perception: Mental Atomism vs. Mental Holism”

14:15 Melissa Frankel, “Materialism and Scepticism: Locke Berkeley, and Shepherd on the External World”

15:00 Interactive gallery of early editions in the Redwood’s collection

16:00 Wine and cheese reception (Whitehall Museum House)


Saturday June 16 

Morning Session 

Chair: A. David Kline

09:00 Jessica Gordon-Roth, “What We Learn from Tracing Reid’s ‘Brave Officer Objection’ Back to Berkeley and Beyond”

09:45 Peter West, “Berkeley, Reid, and the ‘Way of Ideas'”

10:30 Coffee break

10:45 Ville Paukkonen, “Berkeley’s Debt to Descartes: New Theory of Vision and the Critique of ‘geometric optics'”

11:30 Lunch


Afternoon Session 

Chair: George Pappas

13:30 Timothy Quandt, “Berkeley, Johnson, and the Problem of Idealist Theodicy”

14:15 Richard Brook, “Berkeley, Samuel Johnson, and Divine Causality”

15:00 Conference Farewell