18-20 May 2017, International Berkeley Conference: Bishop Berkeley’s Querist in Context, NUI Galway

Bishop Berkeley’s Querist in Context

Moore Institute, NUI Galway May 18-20 2017


Venue: Moore Institute seminar room (G010)

Hardiman Reearch Building, NUI Galway


Thursday May 18

13:00   Registration

13:30   Opening of the Conference.

13:45   Bertil Belfrage (Lund University), ‘Berkeley’s Social Philosophy’

14:30   Adam Grzelinski (Nicolaus Copernicus University), ‘The Querist in the light of Berkeley’s early works’

15:15   Coffee break

16:00   Daniel Flage (James Madison University), “The Querist: Social Engineering and Natural Law”

16:45   Rest

17:00   Wine reception


Friday May 19

09:00   George Caffentzis (University of Southern Maine), “Exciting the Industry of Mankind: Synopsis and Response to Critics”

09:45   Eoin Magennis (Ulster University), “Bishop Berkeley, The Querist and Patriot Politics in 1730 Ireland”


10:30   Coffee break

10:45   Edward McPhail (Dickinson College) and Salim Rashid (University of Illinois), “Berkeley’s Rules for Sound Banking”

11:30   Lunch

14:00   Patrick Kelly (TCD), “Is there more to Berkeley’s decision to publish the emasculated version of The Querist in 1750 than his prefatory Advertisement implies?”

14:45   Coffee break

15:00   Marta Szymanska-Lewoszewska (Nicolaus Copernicus University), “The Influence of The Querist on Economic Theory in Poland”


16:00   International Berkeley Society Meeting

17:00   Wine reception

Saturday May 20

09:00   David Hilbert (University of Illinois Chicago), “Money, power, vision and touch: with some remarks on the benevolence of both God and national banks”

09:45   Nancy Kendrick (Wheaton College), “Berkeley and Mandeville on Theodicy and Agency”

10:30   Coffee break

10:45   Marc Hight (Hampden-Sydney College), “From the Querist to Nudge: A Critical Analysis of Forms of Paternalism”

11:30   Lunch

14:00   Kenneth Pearce (TCD), “Berkeley’s Immaterialist Monetary Policy”

14:45   Coffee break

15:00   Dik Van Iten (Iowa State University), “The Ethical Foundations of The Querist”

15:45   Rest

17:00   Farewell Party