Feb. 21, 2013, American Philosophical Association, Central Division, Chicago, IL

IBS Session: Authors Reply to Critics, A Roundtable
  • John R. Roberts (Florida State University): “Berkeley’s Mental Realism”
  • Marc Hight (Hampden-Sydney College): “Why Ideas Have an Ontological (and not Merely Epistemic) Status”
  • Stephen H. Daniel (Texas A&M University): “How Berkeley Redefines Substance”
  • Keota Fields (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth): “Berkeley’s Metaphysics of Perception”
  • Scott C. Breuninger (University of South Dakota): “Berkeley and the Irish Enlightenment: How ‘Irish’ are ‘We Irish’?”
  • Georges Dicker (SUNY College, Brockport): “Perceptual Relativity and Idealism in Berkeley”