Aug. 19-22, 2013, International Berkeley Conference: The 300th Anniversary of the Publication of Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous, Collegium Maius, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland

Organized by Bertil Belfrage and Milowit Kuniński, the conference featured the following presentations:

  • Wolfgang Breidert (Karlsruhe): “Immaterialism and Illusionism: Berkeley in Poetry–A Continuation”
  • Bertil Belfrage (Lund): “Berkeley’s Three Dialogues in the Context of His Works 1709-1733”
  • Mykolas Drunga (Vytautas Magnus, Lithuania): “Is ‘The Fiction of Our Brain’ Just ‘A False Imaginary Glare’?”
  • Adam Grzeliński (Nicolaus Copernicus): “Berkeley’s Immediate Perception and the Theory of Minima Sensibilia”
  • Milowit Kuniński (Jagiellonian, Kraków): “Is the Passivity of Perception the Proper Justification of Berkeley’s Immaterialism?”
  • Richard Brook (Bloomsburg, PA): “Berkeley and the Primary Qualities: Idealization vs. Abstraction”
  • Dale Jacquette (Bern): “Berkeley’s Carriage Argument”
  • Georges Dicker (SUNY Brockport): “Reply to my Critics”
  • Martha Brandt Bolton (Rutgers): “Berkeley on the Autonomous Epistemic Authority of Immediate Present Perception”
  • Keota Fields (Massachusetts, Dartmouth): “Berkeley’s Master Argument Reconsidered”
  • George Pappas (Ohio State): “Berkeley’s Immaterialism and Competitive Advantage”
  • Przemysław Spryszak (Jagiellonian, Kraków): “Berkeley on Certainty: A Dilemma”
    Bartosz Żukowski (Lodz): “The Alleged Realism of Berkeley’s Philosophy”
  • Stephen Daniel (Texas A&M): “Berkeley and Locke on Substance and Personal Identity”
  • Daniel Flage (James Madison): “On Knowing Berkeley’s Minds”
  • James Hill (Prague): “The Notion of Spirit in Berkeley’s Three Dialogues”
  • Ville Paukkonen (Helsinki): “Berkeley’s Rejection of the Bundle Theory of the Self”
  • Arnaud Pelletier (Catholic U, Leuven): “Berkeley’s Notion of the Possible in the Three Dialogues”
  • Kenneth L. Pearce (Southern California): “How Berkeley’s Gardener Knows His Cherry Tree”
  • Anna Tomaszewska (Jagiellonian, Kraków): “Berkeley and McDowell on Perceptual Experience”
  • Piotr Szałek (Catholic U, Lublin, Poland): “Berkeley’s Pragmatism”
    Marta Szymańska-Lewoszewska (Jagiellonian, Kraków): “The Nature of Berkeley’s Propositions on Morality in 1713”
  • Roomet Jakapi (Tartu): “On the Creation of Plants in a Desert”
  • Timothy Quandt (California State, Fullerton): “Making (Non) Sense of Future Rewards? Berkeley’s Criterion of Meaning in the Second Dialogue Between Hylas and Philonous”
  • The conference ended with a tour of the University Museum and a reception in the Stuba Communis.