6th-9th August 2007, University of Helsinki, Finland

helsinki university
Organized by Timo Airaksinen (timo.airaksinen@helsinki.fi), Bertil Belfrage (bertil.belfrage@telia.com), and Ville Paukkonen (ville.paukkonen@helsinki.fi), the conference was held at the historic main building of the University facing Senate Square. The night before the conference began, participants were treated to a bus tour of Helsinki. Other highlights of the conference week were a reception with the University rector, a wine and cheese party at the Irish consulate in Helsinki, and a banquet at a restaurant on the island fortress of Suomenlinna. The program included:

  • Timo Airaksinen (Univ. of Helsinki): “Berkeley on Newton in Siris 
  • Bertil Belfrage (Univ. of Lund): “ ‘Ideas’ in Section One of Berkeley’s Principles
  • Talia Bettcher (California State Univ. at Los Angeles): “Abstraction: Berkeley against Locke”
  • Martha Bolton (Rutgers Univ.): “Berkeley on Perception, Judgment, Suggestion and Inference”
  • Wolfgang Breidert (Univ. of Karlsruhe): “Representation in Berkeley’s Philosophy of Mathematics”
  • Richard Brook (Bloomsburg Univ. of Pennsylvania): “Does Berkeley Need a Subconscious?”
  • Geneviève Brykman (Univ. of Paris, Nanterre): “Is Immaterialism a Roundabout Way to Faith?”
  • George Caffentzis (Univ. of Southern Maine): “Berkeley and Hume on Money, Notions, and Conventions”
  • Stephen Daniel (Texas A&M Univ.): “The Pervasiveness of Stoic Elements in Berkeley’s Thought”
  • Georges Dicker: “Another Whack at Berkeley: a Critical Analysis of Principles 1-7”
  • Mykolas Drunga: “Berkeley and the Time-Gap Argument”
  • Dan Flage: “Analysis in Berkeley’s New Theory of Vision
  • Jani Hakkarainen: “Hume and Berkeley’s Repugnancy Argument against the Primary Secondary Qualities Distinction”
  • Marc Hight: “Of Brutes and Men: What the Nature of Beasts Can Tell Us about Berkeley’s Conception of the Mind”
  • Roomet Jakapi: “Berkeley and the Disembodied Soul”
  • George Pappas: “Berkeley’s Treatment of Scepticism ”
  • Ville Paukkonen: “Berkeley on Self-Knowledge”
  • Luc Peterschmitt: “The New Theory of Vision: Science or Metaphysics?”
  • Howard Robinson: “Two Berkelian Arguments about the Nature of Space”
  • Tom Stoneham: “Arthur Collier on Imagination and Inexistence”
  • Kenneth Winkler: “ ‘Marvellous Emptiness’: Berkeley on Consciousness and Self-Consciousness”