27th-29th September 2007, Gaeta, Italy, sponsored by the University of Cassino

Organized by Silvia Parigi (silpari@libero.it), Antonio Clericuzio, and Eva Valeriani. Held at the Hotel Mirasole in the seaside resort of Gaeta (between Rome and Naples), the conference included opportunities for participants not only to exchange ideas at the sessions and nightly dinners but also to walk the beach and swim in the Gulf of Gaeta. On the final day of the conference, participants were also treated to a showing of the film on Berkeley, “The Dean of Thin Air.” The program included:

  • Bertil Belfrage (Lund): “An Introduction to Berkeley’s Philosophy of Common Sense”’
  • Daniele Bertini (Parma): “Berkeley, Theology, and Bible Scholarship”
  • Costica Bradatan (Texas Tech Univ.): “Berkeley and the Cathars”
  • Richard Brook (Bloomsburg Univ. of Pennsylvania): “Berkeley, the Space of Our Lives, and the Space of Physics”
  • Geneviève Brykman (Univ. of Paris, Nanterre): “Berkeley, Spinoza, and Radical Enlightenment”
  • George Caffentzis (Univ. of Southern Maine): “Algebraic Money: New Reflections on Berkeley’s Second Conceptual Revolution”
  • Sébastien Charles (Univ. of Sherbrooke): “L’animal selon Berkeley”
  • Stephen Daniel (Texas A&M University): “How Berkeley’s Works Are Interpreted”
  • Antonino Drago (Univ. of Pisa/Univ. of Florence): “The Genius of Infinitesimal
  • Analysis: Berkeley’s Critical Analysis and Its Generalization by Lazare Carnot”
  • Marc Hight (Hampden-Sydney College): “Berkeley’s Metaphysical Instrumentalism”
  • Roomet Jakapi (Univ. of Tartu): “Berkeley and the Separate State of the Soul”
  • Silvia Parigi (Univ. of Cassino): “Scire per causasscire per signa: Berkeley and Scientific Explanation in Siris
  • Luc Peterschmitt (Lille III): “Berkeley and Chemistry in the Siris: the Rebuilding of a Non-Existent Theory”
  • Claire Schwartz (Neuchâtel): “Berkeley et la référence mathématique”