June 22-24, 2011, Conference on Berkeley’s Theory of Mind, Perception, and Knowledge, University of Zürich, Switzerland

Organized by Katia Saporiti, the conference featured the following presentations:

  • Margaret Atherton (Wisconsin/Milwaukee): “Spirits and Substances”
  • Wolfgang Breidert (Karlsruhe): “Berkeley and problems of memory”
  • Georges Dicker (SUNY Brockport): “Reflections on Berkeley’s Theory of Mind”
  • Ville Paukkonen (Helsinki): “Berkeley’s conception of self-knowledge”
  • Stephen Daniel (Texas A&M): “Berkeley and Arnauld on Ideas”
  • Luc Peterschmitt (Lille): “Berkeley and Natural Philosophy: From Bacon to Newton”
  • Bertil Belfrage (Lund, Sweden): “Thomas Reid‘s Theology of Perception and George Berkeley‘s Science of Vision”
  • Kenneth L. Pearce (Southern California): “Berkeley’s Lockean Religious Epistemology”
  • Keota Fields (Massachusetts/Dartmouth): “Causal Adequacy and Berkeley’s Proof of God”
  • Tom Stoneham (York): “Abstraction, Universals and Universal Knowledge”
  • Piotr Szalek (Lublin, Poland): “On the Berkeleian Anti-Sceptical Strategy”
  • Matthew Holtzman (Washington College, Maryland): “On Certainty in Common Sense in Berkeley’s Notebooks
  • George Pappas (Ohio State): “Knowledge of the Nature of Objects”
  • David Raynor (Ottawa): “Mind-Independence and Objectivity”
  • Samuel Rickless (U. California, San Diego): “Berkeley on the Perception of Sensible Objects”
  • Richard Glauser (Neuchâtel): “Immediate and mediate perception of physical objects in Berkeley: An Opinionated Update”
  • Robert Schwartz (Wisconsin, Milwaukee): “Berkeley on Veridicality, Illusions and Reality”
  • Richard Brook (Bloomsburg PA):”Knowledge, Pain, and Perception: Reflections on Three Dialogues