5th-8th September 2005, University of Tartu, Estonia

tartu university
Organized by Bertil Belfrage and Roomet Jakapi, the conference was held at the University of Tartu in Estonia. In addition to sessions devoted to discussing Berkeley’s thought, the conference included a walking tour of Tartu, receptions, a banquet, and a trip to the historic city of Tallinn. The program included:

  • Bertil Belfrage, Bodafors, Sweden, “The Biased Presentation of Berkeley’s Works”
  • Tom Jones, Saint Andrews, “Towards a New Biography of Berkeley”
  • Geneviève Brykman, Paris X-Nanterre, “Evil and God’s Providence in Berkeley”
  • Roomet Jakapi, Tartu, “Passive Obedience and the Law of Nature”
  • Timo Airaksinen, Helsinki, “Berkeley’s Corpuscular Theories in Siris”
  • Talia Bettcher, California State/Los Angeles, “Berkeley on the Privacy of Sensible Ideas”
  • Marc Hight, Hampden-Sydney, “Berkeley on Ideas, ‘Fleeting, indeed, and changeable’ ”
  • Jørgen Huggler, Copenhagen, “‘I refute it thus!’: An Account of Zinkernagel’s and Favrholdt’s Reception of Berkeley”
  • Margaret Atherton, Wisconsin/Milwaukee, “Berkeley and Locke on Real Knowledge”
  • Wolfgang Breidert, Karlsruhe, “Prejudice and Suggestion”
  • Robert Schwartz, Wisconsin/Milwaukee, “What Berkeley Sees in the Man Born Blind”
  • Michael Allers, Michigan, “A Worry About Divine Perception in Berkeley”
  • Stephen Daniel, Texas A&M, “The Berkeley-Leibniz Relation”
  • Charles McCracken, Michigan State (emeritus), “Leibniz and Berkeley on ‘Body’”
  • Laurent Jaffro, Blaise Pascal, “Ferrier’s Reading of Berkeley: A Reappraisal of Reidian Historiography”
  • Tom Stoneham, York, “Berkeley’s ‘Esse is Percipi’ and Collier’s ‘Simple’ Argument”
  • Georges Dicker, SUNY Brockport, “Anti-Berkeley”
  • Miles MacLeod, Utrecht, “The Formalist Interpretation of Berkeley’s Philosophy of Mathematics”
  • Richard Brook, Bloomsburg (emeritus), “Berkeley and Husserl on Geometrical Demonstrations”
  • Luc Peterschmitt, Lille III, “Berkeley and Natural Philosophy: The ‘Problem’ of Chemistry”